Ankara Agreement Appeal

The Court of Appeal recently rejected an appeal by Turkish business leaders who question the change in immigration rules with regard to the Turkish visa regime from Ankara to the United Kingdom. However, given that the UK has officially left the EU and is in transition, this means that it is no longer required to pursue a large number of agreements, which has led to a change in the visa and immigration regime, which was the central theme of the referendum on eu withdrawal. Our team of immigration lawyers and consultants is available to discuss your options, provide advice and prepare submissions on your behalf regarding the cancellation notification. If you have been rejected, our team will help you to appeal, to prepare the bids. The business immigration law team of OTS Solicitors is an expert in Ankara`s contract visas and British comparison options, including applications for permanent residence permits and British citizenship. Lawyers for the Ankara agreement are asked whether Turkish business visa holders should delay applying for permanent residence permits to see if an application is made for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. Immigration lawyers say that councils will depend on individual circumstances, but in general, it is better to apply for a permanent residence permit as soon as you meet the immigration rules, rather than delaying in the hope that there will be a successful appeal to the Supreme Court. AOTB founder Epek Leni Candan told Turkey`s state-run Anadolu agency that the Court of Appeal`s agreement on the right to appeal had “strengthened our belief that this practice is unfair and illegal.” “Our fight will continue until we recover our rights that have not been over-assured,” she said. “The Court of Appeal has just given us the authority to appeal the High Court`s judgment.

We will make our case heard before the Court of Appeal at a date that has not yet been announced,” said AOTB, made up of a group of Turkish entrepreneurs, on its Twitter profile on 17 September. Even though the Immigration Act of 2014 severely limited a person`s right to refuse a visa to apply for the right to appeal to the courts, one of your options may still be to appeal your visa denial to the immigration court.