Ssa Data Exchange Agreements

When a public authority is unable to directly receive authorized and signed SSA data by the AIE, that national authority uses a State Transmission/Transfer Entity (STC) through which it receives the requested data. The use of a STC requires an STC agreement that documents the data flow and sets out the conditions and guarantees for the transfer of SSA data to another public agency (s). Data exchange is primarily the use of individual or aggregated data (IPI) electronically with a public or private agency. An outgoing agreement includes data from SSA. A detailed agreement includes data entering the SSA. The difference between an exchange and an agreement is that an exchange represents the disclosed data and an agreement documents the conditions under which an exchange will take place. SSA is a leader in data exchange with many video games and real-time exchanges. provide SSA-wide direction and direction for the Agency`s electronic data exchange services. ODXIA manages the data exchange process with the help of agency corporate sponsors to ensure that the exchanges meet our program and business requirements. SSA operates various forms of electronic exchange ranging from SSN audits to video games, depending on the business needs of the partner agency.

The SSA`s decision-making policy regarding participation in a data exchange is repeatedly reflected in the SSA`s decision-making policy. If your federal, national or local agency, tribal organization or private organization is interested in entering into a data exchange contract with SSA for programmatic or research data, complete the data exchange form (SSA-157) and email it to ORDP. Notice to electronic partners to exchange information for the provision of a list of contractors – 0960-NEW. The Federal Standards Privacy Act of 1974; Online Administration Act 2002; and the National Institute of Standard Special Publications 800-53-4 require the SSA to maintain control over the information it provides to electronic information exchange (EIEPs) partners. IEPs receive SSA data for the management of state-funded and state-run programs. SSA is responsible for the monitoring and protection of personal data that SSA shares with other federal and government authorities and private organizations through the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act and the Information Exchange Agreements (IEA). In accordance with the provisions of the IEA and the Agency, the EISPs undertake to comply with the security requirements and procedures applicable to public and local agencies that exchange electronic information with the SSAs.