This Agreement Shall Terminate On The Earlier Of

3.2 The Company must comply with all laws and regulations relating to its activities, which may have a direct or indirect impact on service delivery. 5.9 (e) From the date of this directive, the company will make an economically appropriate effort to provide or provide Ultimate Parent with all assistance requested from Ultimate Parent to prepare for transactions contemplated by EDS APA, including the use of an economically reasonable effort (i) to reasonably require such financial, financial or other information, with respect to the East Division as an Ultimate Parent (ii) assist in the development of disclosure plans, exhibitions and ancillary agreements under the EDSPA, (iii) assist in the transitional planning of the EDS-Asset Purchase and (iv) assist in obtaining government authorizations and authorizations, authorizations and communications that must be obtained by others in accordance with the EDS or others. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this agreement, the Company is not considered a violation of any of the agreements reached in this regard with respect to the APA EDS (including whether a precedent has not been breached or not met under Section 6.2 (b) provided (i) has acted in good faith to meet its requirements with respect to the EDS declaration. or (ii) such a violation or failure is not the cause of the transactions contemplated by EDS APA and which are not completed immediately after the merger. (b) either by the company or by the parent company, if: (i) if the merger is not completed on February 12, 2015 or before February 12, 2015 (the “end date”); However, provided that on that date, one of the conditions set out in 9.01 (b), Section 9.01 (c) and Section 9.01(d) is not met by that date, but that all other conditions under Article 9 are met (other than the conditions under which the company and, to the extent that such a waiver is permitted by the legislation in force , are fulfilled, except under the following conditions: which, by nature, can only be completed after or immediately before closing), either the company or the parent company has the right, at its sole discretion, to extend the end date of the six-month period, in which case the end date is August 12. , 2015; In addition, the right to terminate this agreement pursuant to this section 10.01(b) (i) is not available to a party whose violation of a provision of this agreement results in the merger not being concluded on or before the closing date (if any renewed); (b) either by Office Depot or OfficeMax, if there are laws or regulations that make the execution of prohibited transactions illegal or otherwise, or where a judgment, injunction, order or order has been registered by a competent U.S. federal or state authority that holds Office Depot or OfficeMax to conclude transactions, and that decision, decision or order has been made final and uncontested; where the party wishing to denounce this agreement pursuant to this section 8.1 (b) has done its best to make such a law or regulation inoperable, or to set aside the decision, order, order or settlement pursuant to Section 5.3; The promoter is required to return to the client all the client`s physical and intangible assets.