Uvc Agreement

Usb Video Class is the default chord by a class of USB fabric definition devices. Microsoft has defined the additional USB device of the installation engine of four classes in total windows XP OPERATing SYSTEM SP2, which includes the concrete classification: 1, USB video class (USB video class), for short UVC, and refer mainly to products from the series of cameras; 2, the USB audio class (usb audio class) is called for the short UAC, mainly refers to the USB sound card; 3, the alternating interface between man and computer (USB Human InterfaceDevice) is mainly equipment like the mouse keyboard of the USB interface; 4, the class of storage devices (USB mass device) is mainly targeted USB flash drive. What the USB device currently can detect in the Windows operating system that nothing is exactly these four types, so-called nothing is powered, does not drive completely, but drivers do not need to go to the installation of the unique interface of the conceptual emission force that requires every device manufacturer that the USB device is prescribed by itself according to Microsoft , so that the uniform driving arrangement, you simplify the use by the end user. Carlsbad, California: On May 29, 2020, OPTEC International, Inc., (OTC: OPTI) announced today that the company has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for a new line of Far UVC disinfection LED lighting products for distribution in California. The company will have the opportunity to extend the agreement to other states and regions due to increased demand. The company is currently in discussions with several distribution chains for the sale of new PSA products. The equipment that meets the standard UVC agreement, after inserting the USB interface of the computer, the system can automatically search for equipment information for the single driver of this type of equipment, these drivers are that the Operating System Windows supports, do not need the user to start the automatic installation of the system, use the UVC equipment, do not worry to find the CD driving completely. Just as UV-C can inactivate bacteria and viruses, it can also be harmful to human cells because our cells also contain DNA. This exposure can cause skin irritation, damage to the cornea and cellular mutations that cause cancer.