Epping Forest District Council Tenancy Agreement

A lease is an important document and the legal contract advantageous between you and your landlord. The rental agreement gives you and your landlord certain rights, such as your right to occupy the accommodation and your landlord`s right to receive rent for the accommodation. An unsafe lease is a legal agreement between you and the Council to occupy real estate. Unsafe tenants enjoy less security than importing, safe or flexible (temporary) tenants. You must pay accommodation fees and comply with certain conditions. We want you to have the best of your communal home, which is why we have created a rental manual for you. It contains useful information about us, the housing services we provide and your rights and obligations. Along with your rental agreement, the manual also gives you the information you need about your rental conditions. We must state our reasons if we decide not to extend your rental and give you the opportunity to challenge the decision.

Rental Breaks of tenancy Succession of tenancy Antisocial behaviour of tenants of the Council Joint rental applications Changes in the tenancy It is much easier to terminate an unsafe lease, as there are no grounds for legal ownership to be proven. These rentals may be interrupted after four weeks after the granting of a valid notice. If you enter into a lease with us, you must sign a lease. Estate inspection Clearing of community land after fire risk assessment Extension of the estate Rent checks The use or abuse of the residential land of the municipality Information – contains general information about the lease. By signing the lease, you enter into a contract with EFDC and agree to comply with the rental conditions stipulated in the contract. If we need to change the terms of your rental agreement, we will notify you of the change. If the change affects all tenants, we will consult with all tenants and explain the reasons for the change. We must consider all the comments we receive during the consultation period.

All potentially safe new (periodic) tenants and secure flexible (temporary) rentals start with a 12-month introductory period. During this period, you must prove that you can maintain a lease agreement and meet the conditions set out in the Council`s standard lease agreement. If you need a printed manual, please send an e-mail to housinginfo@eppingforestdc.gov.uk and we will send you a copy. Help people get their housing, but help them look into rent/municipality tax arrears, benefit entitlements, budgeting, priority/non-priority debts, evictions/catering, health/wellness and wellness, sign reservation service and justice assistance and services…