How did we get started on this journey?

  • Background – I am a builder of things. I have built 3 airplanes… Yes AIRPLANES! I’ve restored cars, remodeled houses, and in general built things. When the time was right and we decided we needed a van, of course I would take on the custom build approach to the project!
  • Why now – The kids are gone away to University, and the wife and I are starting to think about hitting the road a bit to take in the sights, and do some camping and exploring. We live in the beautiful PNW so it’s a great home base to take off from.
  • Why build – Why not? You can get just what you want, customize everything and most importantly for me, I can make it fit my situation perfectly. See I plan to store the van inside my airplane hangar. The problem with the factory RV vans is they are too high to clear my door. I don’t need roof mounted toys that raise the height requirement. The basic van just clears the door nicely.
  • Future plans – time will tell. Let’s get this thing built and see how it goes!