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The next trip was on June 1st. We headed to the heart of the cascades south of Randle WA, East of St Helens, and West of Adams. It’s about 40 miles from the last cell tower and quite remote. That said, there’s almost a hundred camp spots in the Iron Creek campground.

We pitched camp fairly easily.

Deployed the Awning this time to keep the needles in check while cooking outside.

Setup a cooking station outside the door using the butane burner. This worked great.

Bella settled in with all the comforts of home.

She also would stand guard as people passed the campsite and “greet” them. 🙂

The window shades by VanMadeGear worked great! They give complete black out when installed in the windows. Nicely stay in place with magnets and are easy to deploy and stow.

Debbie was working the camp kitchen duties

Meanwhile, Bella and I sat around.

Some hammocking was done!

and lounging about was on the agenda. The camp table made a nice spot.

Bella alternated her time between outside and inside on the beds. Every now and then she was curious what we were up to outside and had to check things out.

By the second day she was crashed.

A campfire is always nice

and after 48 hours offgrid with full tree shade we had 84% battery capacity still left. This was running the ARB fridge, some LED lights, the vent fan and boiling water in the kettle. Not bad, we could go quite a few days without sun or alternator charging at this rate.

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