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Let’s get out and use this van

We headed out on a week long trip to put some miles and nights on the van. We had a range of weather, temps, camping locations, and beautiful scenes to take in. With nights in Winthrop, Curlew Lake (north of Republic), Keller Ferry (on the Columbia river), Vantage. Here’s a few pictures from along the

September 27, 2019

We took a weekend camping trip to Lodgepole which is fairly high up on Chinook Pass. Temps got a bit chilly at night, but overall everything worked great. This was the first trip out with the new screen setup for the slider door. It worked perfect. Was great to keep out the mosquitoes for sure.

June 30, 2019

The next trip was on June 1st. We headed to the heart of the cascades south of Randle WA, East of St Helens, and West of Adams. It’s about 40 miles from the last cell tower and quite remote. That said, there’s almost a hundred camp spots in the Iron Creek campground. We pitched camp

June 2, 2019

For the first trip out we decided to use a state park. They have electrical and water hookups which would be good to have for heat in the early season. We rolled up easy as can be. Don’t really take up much space as this was a full pull through camping spot. For late April

April 21, 2019