WA – Deception Pass State Park

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For the first trip out we decided to use a state park. They have electrical and water hookups which would be good to have for heat in the early season. We rolled up easy as can be. Don’t really take up much space as this was a full pull through camping spot.

For late April it was clear and sunny, but still a bit cold.

Nothing but the finest setup, complete with trash bag hanging from the door handle!

Right before we left I made a couple of these prop sticks which make it much easier to work in the under bed storage lockers. They are cut just to fit the distance and hold the bed in the vertical position. There’s one for each side stored inside the box.

Bella found the cooking arrangements to her liking as she had a front row seat to keep tabs on what was going on.

She also was trying to figure out the entire thing as to why we were out here in nature living in a van. 🙂

She does like it and begged to get back in the van when we got back home.

All in all it was a great first trip, 100% success. Next up is to head to the mountains in a more off grid situation as the weather gets warmer.

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