Category: Equipment

Noco Gen 1 mini charger

I decided to add a trickle charger to the Van starter battery. This ensures that the battery stays topped up during periods of storage between trips. I was finding that if the van sat longer than a couple of weeks it was draining the battery down. The charger simply hooks up directly to the battery

Awning Lights

So I wanted to hang some lights off the awning to light up the evening. First stop was to figure out a way to hang them. There are number of commercial solutions to the problem, but I figured why not build something for now and see how it works. I took some 12″ lengths of

Sun Awning

I installed a Fiamma F65s Awning. It mounts to the existing roof pins with a bracket kit for the promaster vans. It’s nicely fit to the top and fairly low profile. Of course now the top of the van is lopsided 🙂 I also picked up a 3d printed mount that uses 3M VHB tape


I added a Lagun swivel table mount. There are 2 locations to mount the table, one in the rear where it can function as a side table while sitting on the beds, or up front where it can be extra storage while working in the kitchen etc.

Swivel Seat

I installed a swivel seat base for the passenger seat. This will give us some extra seating when in camping mode. The swivel is from Swivels-r-us and turns very easy. It’s a nice high quality part that fit the bolts and seat rails perfectly. The swivel raised the seat by 1.5″ so then I got


I am installing windows from Motion Windows into the sides & rear of the van. The plan is to put two in the rear doors, 1 large one in the passenger slider door, and finally one small window on the driver side wall in the kitchen area. It will mean a bunch of cutting to

Hoop Steps

With a 20 inch step up into the front cab it was not going to work out too well over time. I decided to add some Carr hoop steps to the front of the van. As installed these steps are at about 10 inches to the top of the step effectively splitting the distance in

Power side step

I installed a power extension side step from It came quickly and was a reasonable install. The step comes with custom brackets to fit the Promaster so all that you have to do is decide where to locate it and do the install. You need to hold it up into position which I found a

Vent fan & Shore Power

Time to cut the big hole in the roof! I used the adapter spacer from Hein on the promaster forums. It sure makes it easy to do. It fills in the roof ribs nicely. I used the recommended 3M window weld urethane to secure it down. Painted the rim after cutting it out with some

2018 Ram Promaster

Well, to kick off this project here’s where it all starts. I picked up a 2018 Ram Promaster. It’s a 136″ wheelbase van (the shorty) which will make a nice cozy platform to build out our traveling van.