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I wanted to add a bike rack to the rear hitch receiver so that I can take my e-mtb bike along with us when we go out camping. I decided on the 1-up super duty rack which is very nicely made in Wisconsin. I also needed a swing arm to move the bikes out of the way when opening the door. I got the rakattach arm which is super heavy duty and holds the bikes nice and secure. Only problem is that the rear door hit the pivot bolt. No problem, they said I could grind it down to provide the clearance needed. Problem solved!


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  1. Thanks for your pictures and idea of grinding the bolt head down. I installed the same hitch and a RakAttach on my Promaster, very helpful to know what to do. One difference: RakAttach now ships with a bolt/hitch pin which solves the rattle but raises the RakAttach pivot bolt higher compared to yours with your anti-rattle device. I had to insert a nail between the receiver and the RakAttach to foul it and keep it from rotating the bolt end higher. It worked!

  2. Just a normal bench grinder. Once I had it down small enough I primed and painted it so it wouldn’t rust.

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