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I installed a swivel seat base for the passenger seat. This will give us some extra seating when in camping mode. The swivel is from Swivels-r-us and turns very easy. It’s a nice high quality part that fit the bolts and seat rails perfectly. The swivel raised the seat by 1.5″ so then I got a SportCraft lowered base so that the final seat height is unchanged. The base is just the right size to still allow the jack & tool kit to fit under the seat in the normal location. With the fact the cab is already raised up a bit the seat is quite high when turned around, so a step stool will be needed. I have seen full platform builds, but there’s not much free floor space already so I’m not sure that would be the best solution. We will see after we use it for a bit.

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  1. Thanks for all of this great information. Are you still happy with the swivel base for the passenger seat? How did you solve the height problem?

  2. Yep love these swivels. They turn very smoothly. I bought a lowered base that made the seat the same height after adding the swivel. You can also have a shop cut and weld the existing base to lower it.

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