Category: Little Touches

Panel edging

The horizontal panel above the cab (where the overhead storage bin is located) has a nice sharp unfinished sheet metal edge. I first tried to glue some vinyl material around that edge and tuck in into the seam, but the glue didn’t hold. Next up was to get some actual panel edging. This worked much

Awning Lights

So I wanted to hang some lights off the awning to light up the evening. First stop was to figure out a way to hang them. There are number of commercial solutions to the problem, but I figured why not build something for now and see how it works. I took some 12″ lengths of

Screen Door

We wanted to add a screen door to the side slider so I picked up this screen door from Amazon as the basic materials. For $33 it seemed cheap enough. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door 60 x 80 It was wider and taller than needed, and I had to make a cutout for my exterior dog

Passenger armrest

For some unknown reason the base promaster does not have an armrest on the passenger seat. So I found a very similar one on Ebay and got busy installing it. I ended up making some brackets out of 1/8″ steel to place the mounting point in the same location as the driver seat armrest. I

Finishing Details

Adding some final finishing details to wrap up the build. Here is the mounting solution for the Berkey water filter system. It has a fitted mount on the wall with Velcro straps to secure it to the wall during transit. Will be best to make sure it’s fairly empty or at least not full when

Steering Wheel Cover

I added a “Wheelskins” leather wrap to the Promaster steering wheel. Was fairly easy to do. Gives it a much nicer touch surface than just the plastic wheel. Will see over time how it fairs. I did take a bit of grief from the wife that she has not seen steering wheel covers since the