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We wanted to add a screen door to the side slider so I picked up this screen door from Amazon as the basic materials. For $33 it seemed cheap enough.

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door 60 x 80

It was wider and taller than needed, and I had to make a cutout for my exterior dog door. So I borrowed a sewing machine from my daughter to get started. Of course the first stop was google to figure out how to fill the bobbin and thread the machine and needle. Once that was done I was off to the races. Lots of seam ripping to start with to remove the Velcro on the sides where it’s going to get shortened. Then it was just a matter of figuring out the final sizes and putting the edges back on with the Velcro.

The door attaches to the sidewalls and top frame on the inside of the door. That way the door can still close with the screen in place. The center entry is a magnetic closure so it’s easy to walk through and it re-connects to close up the screen. The bottom was trimmed to float just above the slider track, but below the floor level so it’s not secured in any way there. The door seems to push past it just fine.

The main modification was to allow the exterior access door to still work with the screen up in place. I store dog supplies and my hammock in there along with the outside table lantern.

Seems like it’s going to work out just fine. We will see once we field test it on the next trip to the mountains.

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    Nice install. I bought a similar screen but haven’t installed it yet. Did you do any cutouts around he black foam at the B pillar or just fit the velcro around it? Also I noticed that the grab bar is larger than some of the installs I’ve see on the Promaster forum. What kind is it and how did you install it. Proeddie had a nice writeup on a smaller grab bar that I was considering. Thanks for posting your build.

  2. Yes I did cut a channel in the black foam near the door to allow the screen to lay flat.

    The grab bar is just one I got from Amazon

    I found a spot on the pillar where it would not interfere with the door handle and drilled it. Then installed some riv-nuts into the steel pillar. I used some spacers on the screws since the riv-nuts sit behind the plastic panel. That way it spaces out the bar for a secure mount.

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