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For some unknown reason the base promaster does not have an armrest on the passenger seat. So I found a very similar one on Ebay and got busy installing it. I ended up making some brackets out of 1/8″ steel to place the mounting point in the same location as the driver seat armrest. I secured the brackets to the seat frame using some 1/4-20 bolts that I drilled and tapped into the frame. All in all it worked out good and looks just about identical to the factory one.

Here’s the Armrest that I used from Ebay.


6 thoughts on “Passenger armrest

  1. Sorry, No. I just lined things up with a bit of cardboard and made it fit. Then transferred that to aluminum and finally shaped that to fit the location. Then I used that aluminum to make the final steel brackets. Bit of back and forth to get it all to line up, but that’s how I did it.

  2. Hi Andy;
    Do you have the aluminum template? Can I borrow or buy it? Is the final steel plate just flat or did you need to form it into some particular shape?
    This is a huge issue for my better half and your help would be much appreciated.

  3. Sorry No I don’t have a template. I just looked at the driver side to get a sense of how large they made it and cut some cardboard to about the right size. Then made that into an aluminum part so I could drill it and check the fit. Once that worked ok I took the aluminum part and used it to make a steel part from some 1/8″ strapping.

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