Category: Mechanical

So, one of the things with the Promaster chassis is that it’s setup for hauling big weight. Now that’s all great if you’re a stone mason who’s hauling a flat of stone to your next project… but if you are building a light weight camper you are left with a nose low tail high stance,

March 4, 2019

I am installing windows from Motion Windows into the sides & rear of the van. The plan is to put two in the rear doors, 1 large one in the passenger slider door, and finally one small window on the driver side wall in the kitchen area. It will mean a bunch of cutting to

December 23, 2018

Time to insulate! I’m using various thickness of PolyIso foam board to insulate the van. The sheets are backed with reflective foil on both sides. It’s glued in place using urethane spray foam. It’s important to use “doors and windows” formula as it does not expand quite as much and protects from bending the outer

November 28, 2018