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Basic design criteria. 2 modes of operation.

Mode 1 is plugged in to shore power at a campground. In this mode the batteries will be charged by the converter / charger and the van outlets will be directly powered from shore power. I’ll have a mounted wall electric heater as an option as well.

In mode 2 it’s “off grid” running primarily off 12V. Honestly I’m struggling to see what I would even need 110V for in this mode. I will have an ARB 12V fridge, LED lights, etc. I plan to include a 1500W- 2000W inverter, but since I don’t really have any devices in mind was considering a Modified Sine Krieger, or possibly a Sine wave Wagan and just mount it such that the outlet’s on the face of the unit would be hidden behind a small door. I don’t feel like a full blown inverter / charger / transfer switch would be worth it for my use.

My usage is primarily 2.5 season and traveling. I’ll be using Lithium as well. With this basic usage profile, I’m also considering skipping solar which seems crazy. I like the technology, but not sure if it will help me much. Living in the PNW and the fact that when I am in the national forrest I suspect it will be shaded, I question how much help it will be.

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