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Solar Panel

I’m mounting a single 285W 60cell solar panel to the roof. First up is to figure out the brackets to hold it in place, but allow it to be removed if needed down the road. Thinking about doing something like this. With nutplates riveted to a carrier strip of aluminum that is glued to the

Electrical Buildout

The very first thing was to take a volt-meter and test and label all the 12v circuits so that later once it’s in place in the van I can easily attach the branch circuits to the correct locations. I also added the 110v breakers that will serve the shore power system in the van. I


Might be a bit much calling it the kitchen, but still, it’s at least the galley cabinet and fridge.  I’m using an ARB50QT fridge, mounted on a custom built slider tray. There are two drawers at the top, one of which has a sliding tray inside for silverware. Then the heater is on the left


Work is underway on building out the bed structure and fixed parts of the boxes. It’s built with a combination of 18mm and 12mm birch plywood. There are fixed areas at each end of each bed where the tops will be secured down and access is via side mounted doors. The center part of both


I am installing windows from Motion Windows into the sides & rear of the van. The plan is to put two in the rear doors, 1 large one in the passenger slider door, and finally one small window on the driver side wall in the kitchen area. It will mean a bunch of cutting to


First up is the roof paneling. I’m using 6mm Russian birch plywood to cover the walls and ceiling. I used a combination of measuring, cardboard templates, and iteration to fit the panels. As others have pointed out, there are no straight areas on this van, just lots of curves and sweeps to be fitted around.


Time to insulate! I’m using various thickness of PolyIso foam board to insulate the van. The sheets are backed with reflective foil on both sides. It’s glued in place using urethane spray foam. It’s important to use “doors and windows” formula as it does not expand quite as much and protects from bending the outer